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How it works

  • Sign up for Net Style by choosing your plan level. 
  • Your number of monthly style points will be determined by what level you choose. (Bronze: 40, Silver 60, Gold 80). 


  • Browse our virtual closet for the perfect outfit.
  • Each clothing/accessory item is assigned a Net Style point value.
  • Use your Net Style point balance to rent the item(s) you choose.
  • Using your Net Style points, make your rental selection and checkout using your virtual shopping cart.
  • Receive your chosen clothes within 48 hours. 
  • Wear your clothes then return them when you’re ready.
  • Your points will be updated every month.

*Note: The maximum number of points worth of clothes you can have at one time is dependent on the your plan ex; Gold members can have 20 points worth of clothes/accessories out at a time.

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1,200 PHP
40 Style Points (10 Weekly)
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1,400 PHP
60 Style Points (15 Weekly)
No sign up Fee
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Access to Net Style's exclusive blog
1,600 PHP
80 Style Points (20 Weekly)
No sign up Fee
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Access to Net Style's exclusive blog
0.00 PHP
Purchase points as you need
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A Message from our co-founder…

Hi! I’m Skylar Swank co founder of Net Style. I want to personally welcome you to our site.

Here at Net Style our mission is to help our club members achieve a carefree lifestyle both physically and emotionally.

We understand that life can be stressful in so many ways. That’s why we’re dedicated to help ease your stress through our products and services.

The key to our carefree lifestyle is our unique fashion club experience.

Our fashion club allows you to borrow clothes from our closet at an unbelievable low price.

choose clothes and accessories from our vast closet of every style and size that are delivered right to your door.

The core feature that helps achieve our mission is the Net Style point.

The Net Style point is what our club members use to purchase products and services. There are two main ways you can get Net Style Points.

The first is by signing up for one of our three monthly paid membership programs. The first of these programs is our bronze membership.

With our Bronze membership you will receive 40 Net Style points each month. With those 40 points you can take advantage of our fashion club rental program by borrowing 10 points worth of fashion items at a time.

Our Silver membership plan is our next level up. As a silver member you will receive 60 Net Style points each month and you can have up to 15 points worth of fashion items at a time.

Our Gold membership plan is our highest and most valuable plan available. Gold members will receive 80 Style each month and can borrow up to 20 points worth of fashion items at a time.

The second way to get your Style Points is to sign up as a free member. Once you have your free membership you can buy your Style Points as you need them. If you choose this option, you’ll be able to borrow up to 15 points worth of products at one time.

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